A bag left on a bus

As I rode my normal crowded bus to work this morning, there were the usual passengers balancing bags, mobile devices, books, children, schoolbags, suit jackets {it was a little to warm to actually wear them today} and coffee. A morning just like any other.

The guy sitting opposite me had a bag on his lap and a few shirts and suit jacket on hangers balanced on the hand rail above him. I looked at him and thought he’s probably stocking up so he can run or ride into work and has changes of clothes at the ready in his office. Then I went back to reading the morning news.

A few moments and the first major city stop later, a woman two seats from me asked me if I thought it was suspicious that there was a bag under the seat – seemingly a bag on its own.

A bag left on a bus.

I looked up at her, over at the bag {a nondescript dark blue canvas shopping bag, the contents of which were not visible from where I was sitting} then returned my attention to her and the woman between us.

Oh, there was a guy sitting there who had a gym bag and some shirts hanging up, I’d say it’s got more of his stuff in it and he just left it behind when he got out.

Then I thought to myself: I hope they aren’t my last words.

As soon as I thought it I was disappointed. Disappointed that was my immediate thought. Disappointed that the world we live in and the news we are fed daily incites those thoughts.

I tried to remember what the guy looked like, but you know what? He looked like every other person around me. We live in a very multicultural city so every man is really any man{woman/child}. We are all Australians and I know that all people, no matter their race, religion or country of origin, are capable of committing horrific crimes. I sent up a little request to my Guardian Angel to spare me and everyone on the bus from being the subjects of any terror attack.

I also asked my Daddy to make sure the guy got his stuff back!

A bag left on a bus
{Not the bag – this one’s from Google}


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  1. I think 99% of us would’ve had the same terrifying thought. They’ve developed an app to report such things in NY – if you see something send something…. Yikes.

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