Do you recognise me?


On 2 January this year, Wilson was found safe and well! Miracles do happen it seems.

* * * * *


Hello, my name is Wilson.

Do you recognise me?

I am two years old and I am a kelpie x cattle dog with a dash of german shepherd too. My home was broken into on the Friday before Christmas in Annandale in Sydney’s inner west – super close to where Bella and Beary live. I had just started my new forever life there one week earlier when the bad people came. I got so scared I ran away. I don’t know know exactly where I am now though, and neither do my family. I can’t let them know – so that’s where you come in!

I started life with the name of Jet. I lived with a family in Picton {western Sydney} with kids who loved me and cared for me and taught me basic obedience. Unfortunately a change in circumstances meant I couldn’t stay with them any longer. So In June 2014 my next adventure began and…

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