I love elephants, I just wish this one would get off my chest

As today is #RuOK day in Australia, it seems an apt time to reblog this post.

I have been feeling like this again the past week or so. There are some reasons known to me, but others evade me. Seemingly September brings out the anxiety in me more than most months. It’s Spring, a time of renewal, a time to get excited for the warmer months ahead. It is also the start of the slide towards year end. A time for reflection of what has happened during the past 12 months. What have I achieved? Have I reached my goals? Have I been the parent I wanted to be?

If only the answer to all of those questions was yes!

So, my friends, are you okay?


I love elephants, I just wish this one would get off my chest

Ah, anxietymy old friend. Or not.

What is it that enables you to creep out from beneath medication, mindfulness, essential oils and a diet that is kind to the earth as well as me?

I love elephants, I just wish this one would get off my chest!

This is how I’ve felt for a couple of days now. There’s an elephant sitting on my chest, and a colony of winged creatures flapping at warp speed beneath the crush. My vision is intermittently blurry. My head feels light. I feel paralysed.

There is no particular reason for it. There are no more stressors in my life than usual. My medication or any of the other armor I use to combat my anxiety hasn’t changed.

There was a full moon last night but the link between lunacy and the lunar cycle has been challenged by many a scientific study, so although I definitely feel…

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  1. Hope that elephant and those fluttery things leave you alone this September. Cupcake and I are OK. No anxiety here….

    1. Glad to hear … funnily enough, when I’m with my three critters the animal colony in my chest seem to quieten down! x

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