How do you know?

17 May
This blurry photo of a wolfhound cross who had been surrendered came up in my feed. Look. At. That. Face.

how do you know 1

23 May
Friends of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter shared her on their Facebook page. This is a close up of the photo.

how do you know 2

The description reads:

We all know that some dogs cope when surrendered and others completely shut down.
Terra is one of those dogs, she is absolutely shattered after being surrendered by her family. For a week now she has hidden under her bed board scared out of her mind.
Today she came out for some time in the run and to meet some people. The whole time she remained lost & confused, her tail tucked under just aimlessly walking around not really interested in anyone.
Terra has had pups in the past and probarly more than 1 litter. Her coat is dull and lifeless and the light has gone from her eyes.
Terra’s previous owners left this info about her:
Surrendered for escaping
Yard Dog – Not House Trained
Has been chained up for bad behaviour
Has a Phobia of Men
Good with other Dogs & Cats
Lived with Children 8 & 10
We would love Terra to be Adopted into a loving new home and will Reduce her Adoption Fee by $100.

Heartbroken for her yet? Me too. Want to hurt her previous owners? Me too.

24 May
Last night the shelter volunteers added these photos.

how do you know 3how do you know 4

I haven’t stopped thinking about this dog for a week. I even had a dream last night that I was laying in the enclosure with her at the shelter just holding her.

But how do you know? How do I know it’s not too soon to get another dog? How do I know that she will love Beary and might help heal his still broken heart? I am not {nor could I ever} replace Bella, so why does part of me feel like that’s what I’d be doing?

We’re going away in September for a month. Is it a good idea to introduce a new pupper to the family then interrupt her settling for a month? There’s stuff to be done to my garden if she’s an escape artist. The side fence needs to be fixed. The back gate will need extra timber attached to the bottom so she can’t dig out.

I couldn’t call her Terra – what kind of name is that for a pupper?

Can I afford another mouth to feed?

How do you know?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I think kind of sounds like you DO know. You are not replacing Bella. You’re acting on what she taught you in her lifetime. She taught you to love and be loved by a dog. She spent her whole life doing it. Besides the vacation, everything else will definitely fall into place. I’m afraid of what the month long separation will do to that fuzzy girl. I know some answers. I don’t know all the answers….

  2. Solo says:

    You’d definitely not be replacing Bella – you’d be honouring her memory by giving a loving home to a dog who desperately needs it. The vacation isn’t ideal but it’s something you can work towards getting her used to (maybe she and Beary could go to the kennel/carer for short visits between now and then to get her accustomed to being there rather than with you and make it part of her routine.

  3. Nikki says:

    Adopting again would be something. that honours darling Bella. As far as the holiday, this dog would prefer to be out of the pound i’m sure in the grand scheme of things it’s a tiny hitch but still so much better than pound confinement. Can you foster her at first to see how Beary takes to her? Poor Beary he is so broken with grief also, it may help him start to heal 🌈 Fostering at least gets her out of a cage and into a loving home. Btw she is so beautiful, soulful like Bella. I’m in tears at your generosity even in grief πŸŽˆπŸΆπŸ’”

  4. dogdaz says:

    Opening your home and your heart to another pet honors the memory of your angle, Bella. It is never too soon or too late. Can you go sit outside her kennel and get to know her a little? We visited Charles many times over 2 weeks before they let us adopt him. Are you able to have Beary meet her on neutral ground? Louise and Sofie met Charles in a yard and played great for an hour. She looks lovely. If you can foster, give it a try. And of course, there is the cat test. Best of luck, and if not her, there will be another. – Lorian and the DogDaz Zoo

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