“I think ‘sperminate’ has more oomph to it”

Let’s get me a bubba day! Very excited. Very. Beyond even. Need to calm down. Just a little.

My sister called this morning to wish me luck. My BFF picked me up and drove me to the clinic. My mum left me a voicemail to say keep everything crossed, then added the funny: ‘well, maybe not everything’ – ha ha.

We were a little early so decided to go get a hot chocolate. Who knew there was a Chinatown in Hurstville. Chinatown, but no hot chocolate. So off to the fertility clinic with us, sans warm sugar hit.

I was an absolute bundle of nerves on arrival. Sharon (nurse I’ve had all along) was there to do the procedure so that was good as she’s lovely. The fertility clinic is an entirely beautiful home that I’d happily live in. It has a whole lot of me about it – gorgeous high ceilings, wide dark floorboards and a real feeling of warmth. I’d not been in the treatment rooms before – they’re in the house next door, which is just as beautiful as the main clinic.

I got my #1 draft pick for donor – 2984 Tom – so very happy about that. I found it to be such a major thing selecting the donor. A few people I spoke with (or even people whose opinions I had not sought on the topic) thought it was strange that I spent so much time and deliberation on the choice of donor. I’m not deciding what to have for lunch people, this is the father of my ever so longed for child. This is Important. Seriously.

Prior to the procedure, the nurse showed me the vial of little swimmers so I could verify that was the donor I’d chosen. Well, that was enough to dissolve BFF and I into fits of laughter – as it’s not often you see them, particularly before the event! There was a fair bit of silliness and giggling going on before the procedure, but then I had to stop laughing, so nothing “fell out”.

I’m glad my BFF was there to hold my hand the whole way through it because in reality it was quite uncomfortable, although the nurse was lovely and made it as easy as possible. It’s kinda like a pap smear that goes for 15 minutes. Odd also feeling the catheter actually in my fallopian tube, then the release of something cold?!

Once the procedure was over, I got really nauseous and thought I was going to faint. Probably a combination of being so excited, then nervous, then a bit of discomfort … and it was still only 9:30am! Nothing a glass of water wouldn’t fix.

As I was resting the cool glass on my forehead, still lying back in the chair legs in the air, BFF commented on how silly I looked. I told her not to worry, that in the movie, Cameron Diaz would make this somehow look cool. The nurse thought it great that I am writing this all down and I think somewhat amusing that BFF and I had already cast the story in our heads! Then BFF asked that when this story is made into a film that in this scene, they bring her a glass of bubbles at the same time as my water. Make that two. And make it French. Life is too short for cheap Champagne.

Once I stood up to leave, it became all a little overwhelming. There were tears from both of us and I was a little unsteady on my feet and still quite nauseated. Got in the car, put the seat back and the air conditioning on cold and by the time I got back home was feeling almost good again. A quick stop for a hot chocolate, some fruit and vegies and chocolate, then home to the couch to rest and stock up on puppy love.

Apparently I need to rest this weekend and as much as I can for the next couple of weeks. They are going to be the longest weeks ever. Seriously. I want a time machine. I can have a blood test on the Monday morning – which is 16 whole sleeps away, and if you’re an insomniac like me, could be many more sleeps than that! I’ll have the results mid afternoon on the same day. And so it is that I’ll having a weekend of reading and watching DVDs, with my legs up willing my body to create me one beautiful baby.

[The quote used as the title of this blog is attributed to my cousin as a suggested replacement for the term ‘insemination’. My cousin is – aside from being utterly gorgeous – a very funny boy!]

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  1. kloppenmum says:

    Sperminate is an awesome word! I love that you spent so much time choosing your donor, it *is* important to get that choice just right. How great that you had/have all that support for your journey, it must make it all so much easier. 🙂

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