Déjà vu

I’ve been here before. I hate waiting. I think I’ve probably mentioned that? Why is it that when you’re waiting for something really exciting time slows down and when it doesn’t matter, weeks just zoom on by?

All of these feelings/emotions seem so familiar to me now: nauseous, excited, nervous, uncomfortable {mostly when poking myself with needles!}, overwhelmed, teary, happy, hopeful, tired, very tired, tetchy, crampy, funny taste in my mouth, sore boobs, aversion to rich food {and tuna all of a sudden}, warm from heightened temperature. And scared. What if it does work? Will I really be a good mumma? Can I really make a life for me, the mutts and a small person? That’s a whole lot of responsibility!

I keep checking and double checking the Ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart and my spermination was smack in the middle of a girl cycle. Paws crossed. Not that I need to cross them, I just know my baby will be a girl.

{I bought so many clothes last trip to New York in preparation for my baby girl that she’s got enough clothes to last her until she’s four!!}

Bring on Monday 17 May … as much as I hate needles and blood tests, this is one I’m really looking forward to the results of!

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