The words I was really hoping not to ever hear

I always wanted to be pregnant, and I also always wanted to go into labour naturally and have a natural birth. My sister and I have done the Calmbirth course {Peter Jackson – loved it!} and have been doing my guided meditation so we’re ready.

Then today I heard the little words I was really hoping not to ever hear my obstetrician mutter: There’s a 90% chance you’ll need to have a caesarean. Boo. Move bubba move. Engage. Get down there. We’ve still got time – it’s only week 36!

He said if it were a second or subsequent pregnancy, or if I didn’t have my history or wasn’t my age he wouldn’t be worried, but taking all of those factors into consideration, the fact that she’s not engaged at this stage means I’ll probably have to have one.

I’m disappointed, feel like my body has let me down – even though I know in my heart that it’s housed this bubba so well so far, I just really wanted her to arrive the day destined for her, not a day my obstetrician and I choose because it works for both of our schedules!

I’m going to try everything – acupuncture, yoga, crawling around on all fours … stay posted!

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