The Christmas Tree Farm

I’m a Christmas crazy. I love it.

I love buying gifts for those I love. I love cooking a feast for those I love. I love having a theme for my wrapping (although this part of me really wishes I lived in the US so I could shop at the Container Store!). I love Christmas carols.

I love watching Carols in the Myer Music Bowl on Christmas Eve and I love going to Carols in the Domain. For my non-Australian blog friends, this is an outdoor event held in a huge park in the middle of our beautiful city on the Saturday night before Christmas. Thousands and thousands of people take picnic rugs and set up all day, then as night falls, there’s a huge concert of Christmas music, and everyone lights candles.

It is televised and there’s always vision of people holding beautiful sleeping babies. Every year I have wished that to be me. And this year it will be!

I love putting my beautiful ornaments on my tree. And I love having a tree. A real tree. A tree that makes my house smell like Christmas for a month. It’s the tree that leads me to be writing about Christmas at the beginning of November! I usually order a Christmas tree online and the lovely people from the Christmas Tree Farm deliver it. This year I decided to start a family tradition – now that Bubba has joined my little family – and go out to the Christmas Tree Farm to choose our tree.

I timed our car trip to coincide with Bubba’s morning sleep – but I think she was too excited about getting a tree, because she only slept for half of the trip! Maybe she really is like her mumma and already loves Christmas?

It was opening weekend at the Christmas Tree Farm. For the next few weekends you can wander the rows of beautiful trees, breathe in their pine scent and wait until you find the one that’s just right for you. You’ll know your tree when you see it. Bubba did.

It’s a little overwhelming at first. The ‘small’ trees look really small in that setting – nestled in amongst the 15ft trees – but once there’s a lone tree in my not very large loungeroom, I’m sure it’s not going to look so tiny.

Bubba keeps reaching for the smaller trees. The not so perfect looking trees. The trees that other people probably walk straight past.

If it’s at all possible, I love her even more in this moment, as I realise she’s inherited something from me, her aunty, her grandma and her grandpa (at least on the side we know all about). She’s looking to love something that not everyone else would. The stray. The one that’s not picture perfect. What an amazing kid she is!

We walk past a certain tree a couple of times and she keeps reaching for it. It’s 6.5ft tall and a little on the skinny side. But it’s our tree. I know by the way she’s patting it. Gently, as she does the dogs (and occasionally me). I’m excited.

It’s our first Christmas adventure together and what a success. Now, I just have to count down the days until it can be delivered …

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  1. Bassas Blog says:

    I like Christmas too!!! I just know that the two of you will have a wonderful Christmas together!

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    By the way, Christmas is celebrated on January 7 here in the Republic of Georgia, though we will of course also celebrate on the 25 December because the tall person is English. So we will have two Christmas’s!!

    1. Lucky you, I’ll think of you 8,500 miles away celebrating twice! Does that mean the Tall person will have to walk twice past the lady who sells second hand words and pictures to buy you gifts from the pet store? 🙂

  3. It seems so strange to me that you celebrate Christmas in the summer, since the snow songs are so much of our Christmas tradition – even though we rarely have snow on Christmas where I live. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your Christmas stories as we got closer to the season.

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