I challenge you

Because I had so much fun doing the #100happydays photo challenge, I went on to do another 100, with the hashtag #100morehappydays. As my days climb into the nineties, I thought I might just go again. Focusing on the little things in each day that make you happy is something a lot of people I know are good at, but if you have a challenge set, you don’t usually miss a day.

I challenge you

I surprise myself some days at the littlest things that make me happy. I’m thinking at this stage I probably should have just done a year-long challenge – maybe next year? For now I’m going to once again start at the beginning: #100happydaysagain.

A quick check of the calendar means we’ll finish #100happydaysagain just in time to do a #12daysofchristmas challenge. Yep, it’s that soon. Side note: we all know I’m a Christmas Crazy, but Christmas trees in department stores already? It’s only August people … let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!

Why don’t you grab your friends and play along? I’m up to day 94 of #100morehappydays so launch date for #100happydaysagain will be a week from today: Friday 29 August. Check back in mid next week and I’ll share with you a couple of my favourite photo apps.

To join in the challenge, all you need to do is:

  1. find one moment in each day that makes you happy {as significant or silly as you please and as in focus or capturing the moment as it needs to be too – it’s often difficult to be in the moment and try to capture it at the same time}
  2. take a photo of it
  3. load it to social media with the hashtag #100happydaysagain

{Easy as 1, 2, 3. Simple as do, re, mi…}

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Spread the news. Join the fun! I challenge you …

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  1. I did #100happy days, and may start up #100morehappydays soon. Trying to get one of my photographer friends interested in doing it with me.

    1. Yay … you have until 29 August to convince them!

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