If we are Instagram pals {or Facebook or Twitter}, you’ll know that I’m doing the #100happydays photo challenge. Find one thing in each day for 100 days that makes you happy, take a photo of it and tag it.


I’m up to day 77 and I’m loving it so much that I am going to continue on after the first 100 days, with the new hashtag #100morehappydays.

Not that I need an excuse to take photos of things that make me happy, but it does make me reflect on my day and really appreciate the little moments. The ones that it is so easy to be in at the time but move past, not fully appreciating their impact.

20140410-101817.jpg 20140410-101811.jpg 20140410-101823.jpg  20140410-101828.jpg

20140410-101836.jpg 20140410-101844.jpg

20140410-101849.jpg 20140410-101856.jpg

  20140410-101902.jpg 20140410-101910.jpg



So who’s with me?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. TheLoverList says:

    I’m sooooooo in!!! Love the idea MJ xx

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