The heartbreaking sound

Oh Beary, the heartbreaking sound of him howling with sadness as I leave for my first day back in the office since our move, is enough to reduce me to tears.

Luckily our lovely neighbors were outside when Bubba and I left. I was obviously upset by his stress and they were very comforting – reassuring me that all would be okay and Beary would get used to his new home soon enough.

He has a doggie pheromone infuser plugged in, is wearing his anxiety vest, is on (short-term) anxiety meds and I have an anti-barking device. All of those things and he still howled and barked.

What’s a mumma to do? I fought every instinct to turn around and go back inside to cuddle him. I also fought tears. He has to get used to it. He’ll be okay. Eventually. I hope Bella isn’t getting too stressed because Beary is so upset.

Lucky I had Bubba in my arms. Snuggling her gorgeous warm person on the walk to day care was exactly what I needed.

Is it home time yet?


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  1. Oh poor Beary! I’ve heard that if you leave them with a personal belonging with your scent on it (like an old tee shirt that you’ve worn but haven’t laundered), it can be comforting in your absence. I’m sure he’ll adjust once this becomes a regular routine, but I know how hard it is to see them upset. 😦

    1. Thanks Laurie, I read that too so I left him with my favourite soft top that I made sure I wore yesterday. He ignored it in favour of standing at the baby gate crying. Ugh, I know it will get better – I just wish he knew it too!

  2. Oh poor Beary! But you did the right thing by not going back in to comfort him, that would have only let him know there is something to be worried about. Laurie is right about the article of clothing with your scent. I sent all the puppies to their new homes with soft furry toys that I had rubbed all over their littermates and mom too.
    I would rub your top all over you everyday to re-scent it. Do you think playing soft music while your gone might help?
    I hope Beary has a better day tomorrow and you too!

    1. They have the TV on during the day when I’m not home (I think they like to watch animal documentaries while lazing around on the couch). I will make sure I leave my scent around as much as I can. I want to rush home and cuddle him all up!

  3. rumpydog says:

    I understand it’s hard. I hope things went OK today. It will get better for Beary. xxx

  4. Bongo says:

    Poor Beary – and poor you. It’s so hard to leave like that. Hopefully it won’t take Beary too long to adjust.

  5. Bassas Blog says:

    My heart goes out to Beary 😦 I am sure he will settle down soon x

  6. A huge hug from the Collies and us! It must be heartbreaking but we are praying for him to make it through the changes. A few more days and it will all be okay… 🙂

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  7. Rayya says:

    Has your vet discussed any behavioural modification training with you to help reduce Beary’s separation anxiety. You are doing really well with the adaptil pheromone and vest but the anti-anxiety medications alone won’t work unless you have started installing the training. I am more than happy to give you more handy tips and can email you a handout if you need one. Best of luck. You are on the right track!

    1. I have reinstated training (with healthy treats). It’s how to get around the triggers of me leaving the house sending him into a flat spin that I’m unsure of? This morning he was still barking/howling when I got to the end of our street – and we’ve got an anti barking device! Anything you could email me to try would be wonderful, thank you so much. I hate that my beautifully placid, happy go lucky dog is a stressed out mess.

      1. Rayya says:

        You are doing all the right things. What’s your emai address so I can send you some handouts. Cheers, Rayya

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