Will you vote for us?

As anyone who has visited our ‘about me’ page of late, you’ll know that mumma has entered bumpyroadtobubba in the Best Australian Blog 2012 Competition (parenting category).

People’s choice voting has just opened and is open for a couple of weeks. If you would like to vote for us to win (I had a dream that we did – so that must mean something!) you can click here.

Our blog is about two-thirds of the way down the first page. You need to check the box beside bumpyroadtobubba then click through the next couple of pages (ignoring all of the other blogs, although I’m sure they’re all fabulous!) and fill out your details on the last page.

You can only vote once, so we’d love it if you could vote for us. You can vote even if you’re not in Australia (lucky – because lots of our readers and blogging friends aren’t)!

Thank you for your continued support. We’ll be back to normal blogging tomorrow.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Done! Quick and simple. Good luck!

  2. jaymers says:

    Done! Let’s hope that your dream means something great!

  3. kezabel says:

    Very happy to vote. Although I am so far unsuccessful in my pursuit of pregnancy via unknown sperm donor, your blog continues to support, amuse and move me. Good luck!

    1. We’re crossing everything for you! (and thanks for voting) x

  4. Bassas Blog says:

    It said that only people could vote so I asked the tall person and he voted for your blog 🙂

    1. Such a silly rule – 4-legged friends should be able to vote too! lucky Tall person could lend a hand. thanks xx

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