Just Kidding – what a happy award! That sounds like just the kind of cheering up mumma needs right now. Bubba was giggling this morning (when she wasn’t crying) and it was nice to hear her laughing again! We were all being silly and trying to make mumma laugh too. She says we’re her lovable crazy kids.

Thanks so much to the dogdaz zoo crew for making our mumma smile. We want to say right back at you, because you are always doing fun things and sharing them with us.

The other bloggers nominated by you guys (Bassa and Chuck & the Collies) are also some of our favourites. We’d also like to thank Sage, the Firepants Family, Deanna and the CrewBongoRumpy and Cupcake for always making us smile.

The Just Kidding Award is to thank those who bring a smile and chuckle in our lives; or appreciate our humour and brighten our day with their posts. To receive this award you need to have a good sense of humour, and appreciate others who like to have a chuckle or laugh with you. There are no rules: it’s just fun, fun, fun! As many blogging friends can be chosen as you want – or none at all.

We chose lots of our 4-legged blog friends.

Of course we would, it’s Bella and Beary writing today’s post!

We should also mention that mumma has been awarded another Versatile Blogger Award – this time from Little Brown Baby’s mumma. Thank you for nominating her, we think she’s worthy of all the awards in the world, just for being our mumma!

We’ll tell you seven things about mumma.

1. We each knew she was going to be our mumma the moment we laid eyes on her!

2. We love to sleep on her bed and sometimes she wakes up nose to snout with one of us sharing her pillow.

3. You know how she cooks all of Bubba’s food? Well, most nights she cooks special food for us too. I know, how lucky are we?

4. She is worried about one of us at the moment. Another trip to the vet will hopefully get to the bottom of it. She doesn’t need anything else to worry about.

5. She loves to cuddle us and she knows that Beary gets too hot cuddling for too long on the couch, so she lays on the cool hard floor with him for cuddles. That’s love, that is.

6. We know she’s not mad with us. She’s just tired and her fuse is short (he he he he – don’t tell her we told you!)

7. Even when she’s grumpy, we still love her more than all of the other humans around. Well, other than Bubba obviously!

Okay, enough typing for now (it’s tiring – and a little tricky – with paws). We’re going to give mumma some loves before Bubba wakes up again.

Happy Sunday.

Lots of fuzzy love
Bella & Beary xox

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on your award, MJ, Bubba, Bear and Bella and thank you for the kind words about us 🙂 We’re happy we make you smile because your posts do the same for us!! We loved learning more about you– #3 is great, what lucky pups! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    Congratulations on your two new awards! I am so pleased that they brought a smile to your face. I’ve been worried about you recently xx

    1. thanks, I’m on the mend 🙂 x

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