Inspiration can come from so many different places: people, animals, books, music, quotes, nature, and from within you. I thought I’d just take a minute today to say thanks to those who inspire me daily – for so many different reasons.

Thank you to my gorgeous family (furry included!) who inspire me to be a better person. Particular mention to my lovely mumma – I aspire to be the awesome mumma that she is!

Thank you to those advocates for the voiceless who do so much for animals when they can’t do for themselves. Those who do it publicly, and those who just go about it as part of their every day.

Thank you to those amazing authors, songwriters, photographers – artists of all forms, past and present – who inspire me to want to imagine more and dream bigger.

Thank you in particular to couple of mummas in my life who continually inspire (and amaze) me – they are so in the moment and yet juggle so many things. A school friend who has four children and at 42 has gone back to fashion school; and another girlfriend whose life was turned upside down a few years ago, but by looking at her and her beautiful children, you would never know it. You are both the bomb!

While there are so many different things in nature to be inspired by, for me it’s mostly rainbows. Music about rainbows? Two inspirations together – awesome. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Rainbow Connection (an aside thank you to Jim Henson being so inspired to create The Muppets) are two of Love Bug and my favourite rainbow songs! While I’m not religious at all, I do believe in guardian angels, and I’m fairly sure I see my daddy every time I see a rainbow.

the lovers, the dreamers and me

(Photo credit – thanks Little Sister, who has always inspired me to want to be the best Big Sister in the world!)

Inspiration is all around you – you just need to let it find you!

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  1. jup555 says:

    I am crying. Thank you to you. You inspire me with your perfect take on the world. x

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