So, we’ve passed 1,000 comments and 1,000 likes. Yay, and a huge thank you to those of you who have commented and liked us. We like you too – a lot!!

Our dream is to have over 1,000 subscribers and it would be great if we could get 1,000 readers each day … or more would be okay by us too (dream big kid)!

Perhaps we should have a subscriber drive like Wonderbutt’s family did? At least there was some enthusiasm at their home for their membership drive. Maybe because it’s Spring where they live not almost winter?

It’s finally getting cold in Sydney, so my energetic mutts have become couch potatoes (Bella taking it so far as to burrow all but a paw under the quilt on the couch for warmth) and bed hogs (Beary hogging not just one side, but the middle side of the bed).

put the cover back on mumma!

Even Bubba is struggling to get going each morning. Only during the week of course, on the weekends she doesn’t want to sleep past 6am!

remind me again why you got me out of bed?

We may have to save our subscription drive for warmer weather, but don’t let that hold you back – if you’re a visitor not a subscriber, you’re only a click away from being one of the lucky ones. Actually, we’re the lucky ones – lucky you guys stop by to see what we’re up to!

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  1. Deanna says:

    Congrats on all those 1000s!!!! Woohoo!! Love the photo of Bubba all bundled up– she is such a fashionable girl 🙂

    Hope you all have a great week!

    1. Thanks. She is very lucky that we have had loads of clothes given to us because I’m the last one to have had a Bubba! Oh, and her mumma may have shopped a little in New York (at the sales) before she arrived 🙂

  2. Christiaan says:

    Did I just become 1001? Didn’t even know I could ‘like’ (is thata FB thing?) or follow or reply. So sorry it took me this long to figure that out. I have now joined and followed and will pass on to valid people. Hope it helps. Miss you 4, love you lots. xoxoxoxox

    1. no, not an FB thing, a wordpress thing! thanks for doing all of that for us. we think of you both often, miss you loads + send you lots of love! xox

  3. 1000! Yikes! Congratulations! Bubba looks like one colorful baby in that picture. I love it!

    1. She is a colourful bubba – and not just her clothes 🙂

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