Old friends, old friends, sat on a park bench like bookends … Paul Simon wrote those lyrics in 1968 (Old Friends is from Simon & Garfunkel’s fourth studio album Bookends).

Earlier this week, I gave an honest account of what life is like some days as a single mumma of a toddler. A little tricky.

A girlfriend of mine sent me a message saying I should prop myself up at each end of the day with the same bookends she does: a large coffee in the morning and a large glass of red wine in the evening. Funnily enough, they are my daily bookends. Maybe that’s why we’re friends (well, one of the reasons!)?

It got me to thinking about bookends. Tonight I’m catching up with two of my favourite old friend bookends – my lovely little sister and our gorgeous cousin. We’re lucky we have each other, and that we’re so close. It’s been too long since we hung out together!

I also thought about the bookends of my usual days, and they look a lot like this…

Whatever form your bookends take, be thankful for them.

I’d be lost without mine!

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  1. Great post! My bookends are a double espresso in the am and a refreshing cocktail in the evening:)

  2. I love these bookends! They are yummy and cute cute cute!

  3. jaymers says:

    Bookends–what a great way to phrase it!

  4. Great post!! Somedays I feel like I could use a 50 gallon drum of coffee in the AM and a 50 gallon drum of wine at night… LOL…. A big hug from the collies to you all! 🙂

  5. Love it! I think those are some of my favorite bookends too!

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    We all need bookends 🙂 Very creative post! xx

  7. Pen says:

    Hahaha! So glad it’s universal! Best thing is that morning coffee the baby’s happy and evening red the baby’s asleep. That’s also my fav S&G song my love, how funny xx

    1. Another reason we’re friends obviously! xox

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