So call me, maybe?

Three and a bit years ago I was looking online helping a friend search for his fur-ever friend. Despite thinking that Bella needed a friend, I wasn’t actively looking for one at that moment in time.

And then this happened. This being Beary!

my big beautiful beary

One look at his beautiful face on my computer screen and I was gone! Then I met him. Then Bella met him. His first family and I swapped numbers.

As I left, he gave me the look: so call me, maybe?

The rest is history. Which you can read about here!

Three years ago today Beary became part of our family. That was one of the three best decisions I’ve ever made.

I love you my gorgeous boy. Thanks for making me smile every single day.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Awwww. He’s super handsome! xo

    1. Thanks, I think so too! x

  2. What a great story with such a happy ending! I love the photo of the two of you šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks – it’s one of my favourites of us!

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    You are a wonderful family x

  4. rumpydog says:

    Happy Gotcha! Day Beary!!!!

  5. tylersat99 says:

    You and Beary are very lucky to have found each other! Beary is a beautiful boy šŸ™‚

  6. Deanna says:

    Woohoo!!!! You are one lucky pup Beary, Happy Gotcha Day!! xoxox

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