Apple risotto

No, I haven’t come over all Masterchef and decided to turn your main meal into dessert. But it has definitely got me thinking about a new slant on the old rice pudding!

Apple risotto is what a friend referred to my iPhone as when she read that it was in a bag of Arborio rice. Apparently, putting your phone into a zip lock bag full of rice for days helps draw out the moisture. And Arborio is the only kind of rice we had in the pantry!

How did my iPhone end up full of water you ask?

Well, my little wash day helper may have had something to do with it. I put my phone on my bed last night when we got home from work and day care, then piled our clothes for the day on the bed as we changed into our pyjamas. Being the ever helpful Love Bug that she is, Bubba helped me load the washing machine.

About ten minutes into the cycle I went to find my phone. And it hit me. It was in the washing machine. You know when you just know? I hadn’t even checked the end of my bed where I’d last seen it. I didn’t need to. I just knew.

Quite aside from the 1,000 photos and videos of Bubba, Bella and Beary on my phone, my calendar (aka: my life – everything is in that calendar) and my work emails are all on there. And it has been a while since I’d synched it 😦 Lesson learned.

Oh, and our work phones are diverted to my mobile. If anyone called, I hope were wearing a snorkel!

Paws crossed a few days in the Arborio zip lock will revive my phone. Otherwise it’s apple risotto all round.

In the meantime, I think I might retire Bubba from helping with the washing … at least until she learns how to sort: colours/whites/phones!

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  1. Colors, whites, phones… Ugh! So funny, but what a disaster! Doesn’t your phone automatically sync to The Cloud even when you don’t sync it to the computer? Or did you disable The Cloud (like I did)? Reconsidering….

  2. I hope the rice trick works. I have never had to try it but I have heard that it works, fingers crossed!

  3. Dalton says:

    The only advice I can offer is don’;t turn it on until it is properly dry! If it is still a bit wet it will fry everything, be patient!!

  4. Bec J says:

    OH NO! Your Bubba’s help sounds kind of like my husbands help. I don’t know how he did it but he managed to put a disposable nappy in the wash and oh my what a mess I was left with. I had nappy filling, which was like gel all through our washing. Eventually a hot cycle dissolved the “nappy gel”. I think washing should just be done by mummy from now on. I hope the rice fixes your phone I’ve heard that it does work so fingers crossed. 🙂

    1. Uh oh as Bubba would say! That sounds worse than a tissue in the wash :\

  5. I hope it works…I’ve heard that’s a good method.

    1. All of our paws are crossed. Tomorrow is d-day!

  6. Nikki says:

    omg too cute! lmao, i hope it dried out.

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