No mumma, Bubba

Bubba has a very special job when we leave the house – she is now the one to give Bella and Beary their treats.

In a hurry the other day I suggested mumma might do it. “No mumma, Bubba” came the response. Okay sweet girl, you can do it.

The puppies know they have to be on their best behaviour. Bella scoots out to her bed and sits eagerly awaiting the treat.

Beary is extra polite as Bubba approaches him, angling his snout in sideways ever so gently to receive his treat from her.

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  1. tylersat99 says:

    Its so sweet that the dogs are being extra careful for Bubba:-)

    1. They are all so lovely with each other. Bubba has started saying “Beeba Bear Bear” quite loudly if the dogs are rumbling because she wants them to be gentle. SO cute!

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