She danced on my toes

Bubba was dancing tonight, gleefully moving around the lounge room arms waving and a gorgeous big smile on her face.

She came to the kitchen and took my hands to join in her dancing. She moved me around in circles, looking up at me and laughing.

Even though she’s still really little, looking down at her I remembered standing on my daddy’s feet dancing when I was five or six, so I lifted her up and put her little feet on mine then started moving.

Her little toes curled under to get a better grip, her hands held mine as tight as they could – she looked up at me, threw her head back and her body shook with giggles.

And it was the Best. Feeling. Ever.

Is it possible that I will ever feel a greater love than I do in this moment?

(This is not us because I was enjoying the moment instead of taking a photo, but a Google image search led me here and I love the blog post!)

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  1. tylersat99 says:

    Such a happy, cute moment to remember:-)

  2. My guess is that you will feel a gazillion moment of love like that in your lifetime. That’s because you know how to feel them and never let them pass by unnoticed. A good skill to have! xo

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