But what can I do?

While every day is Animal Day for our very loved up pups, 4 October is World Animal Day.

It makes me sad that so many animals aren’t as loved and cared for as ours. In fact they aren’t loved or cared for at all. Too many beautiful animals are taken to shelters never to leave.

Regular readers will know how strongly I wish that people who are thinking about getting a dog should tour their local shelter and talk to their local rescue groups before buying from backyard breeders or pet stores.

I was so inspired yesterday to read (via vet Dr Katrina’s Toby the Wonderdog Facebook page) about The 13 Project, which is a pawsome idea Serena at Pretty Fluffy has come up with (I’m sure the very gorgeous Soda and super cute Socks helped her with the idea, or at least provided inspiration) to encourage individuals to do 13 things before 2013 to help animals.

Don’t think it’s too overwhelming a problem and that you can’t have any positive impact. You can. I can, Bubba can. It doesn’t take a lot of money. What it does take is time, energy and effort. There is no greater reward (other than a kiss from Bubba of course!) than a dog’s smile, a thank you lick and a wagging happy tail.

So I urge you to check it out and start writing your list. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can be part of The 13 Project. Before 2013, Bubba and I are going to:

1. Drop some treats at our closest RSPCA shelter for their Tricks for Treats program.

2. Take all of our old towels to one of our local shelters.

3. While we’re there, drop off some home-made organic dog treats.

4. Volunteer some time to give the shelter pets some loves. (This is Bubba’s favourite one by far!)

5. Try to keep track of other people who are participating in The 13 Project and share their links on Facebook and Twitter (using the #the13project hashtag).

6. Continue to educate Bubba about the importance of shelter pets.

7. Buy our Christmas cards from an animal welfare group.

8. Continue to be a voice for the voiceless. I’ve created a new board on Pinterest for fuzzy loves needing furever homes. This one may overtake my sweet tooth board. You’ve been warned! (No-one wanted me to do any real work today did they?) [Note: it’s a few hours since I posted this blog and I’ve been sobbing my way through some rescue sites – none of them have Pinterest, and even when I try to load photos I keep getting the message no suitable photos found … any ideas happy to hear them in the comments.]

9. Encourage people to take out pet insurance. I could not ever have a pet without insurance. Ours is through the RSPCA so some of our premium goes back to the animals in need – and it’s so important. Imagine if someone told me (DOG forbid!) that Bella or Beary needed expensive treatment or an operation and I couldn’t afford it? It won’t happen in our house, because we have pet insurance. Just like we have insurance for me and Bubba. Because pets are family!

10. Continue to be a responsible pet owner. If a dog has problems, there’s not much use looking to the dog to fix them. It’s up to us as owners. We wouldn’t let our human family members down if they had issues. Why do people do it to dogs?

11. Go through the mountain of toys in our home and donate the ones that are lesser used but still in good condition to a local shelter.

12. Although I can’t find a definitive answer about the 2013 calendar, I’m hoping pyjama king Peter Alexander does another gorgeous calendar featuring lovely boys and hot RSPCA dogs for rescue. Or is that hot boys and lovely dogs? Either way! And if not those calendars (which I’ve purchased for myself and friends the past couple of years), I’m sure I’ll find another gorgeous furry friend calendar, the money from which will go to pets in need.

13. And lastly (that wasn’t as hard to come up with as I thought it might be): be accountable! I promise to check back in as 2013 gets closer to let you know how we went with our list.

Give your pets some extra love today. And if you can, give a pet in need some love too. I would like to give them all loves – but that might take more than a day!

As Bubba would say: go go go!

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  1. Margaret Beirne says:

    Thanks for this – and for every one of your daily posts, all of which I enjoy and look forward to each morning.

    You probably know that 4 October was chosen for World Animal Day because it is the feast of St Francis of Assisi. Some Franciscan parishes have a ‘blessing of animals’ day. Last year, there was one in the Paddington parish grounds. Father Paul sat on a chair with a queue a mile long moving up (like old-fashioned confessions!!) as he blessed each animal presented by its loving owner(s). The RSPCA also had a stall where they gave advice and handed out brochures.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love to all of you,

    Aunty Marg xx

  2. I love your list! I’m a big fan of the Peter Alexander calendar and it’s so touching to see how you’re going to support everyone else doing The 13 Project. The support from people like yourself just makes my day. Looking forward to cheering you on in the weeks to come! xx

    1. It’s such a fabulous idea – not one requiring money, just time. I’m looking forward to hearing people’s great ideas too! x

  3. Great post! You are right – everyone can make a difference! xx

  4. Great post!! It only takes one to make a difference 🙂

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