What’s not to love?

My favourite furry boy on earth, Beary turns 4 today!

I was thinking a couple of days ago about how much I love Beary’s I’ve just woken up face. He really does look sleepy and the fur around his ears and the top of his head is fuzzier. It takes about half an hour for it to all smooth out once he’s fully awake.

Of course I love all of him – from the tip of his shiny black nose to the end of his floofy black and blonde fan of a tail. But there are other things about him I love too.

Like how protective he is of all of us, especially his Bubba.

Like how he thinks he’s a lap dog, not a 34kg (75lb) dog, and he’s happy to try to climb into my lap for a cuddle.

Like how he likes a good head nuzzle. If I put my forehead against his and rub my face on the top of his head (sounds kind of odd now I’m typing it, but it’s not really), he’ll play along for as long as I last.

Like how when I’m sitting on the bathroom floor while Bubba is in the bath, he is right there beside me. And if my right arm looks a little idle he sticks his snout under it and nudges it upwards. Why have an idle arm when you can be scratching my big head and ears?

I love that his snout is turning more golden as he gets a little older.

I love that he is so polite and well-mannered. Except when people first arrive, then he’s all up in their face until he’s done (in his estimation that is) saying hello and telling them his welcome to our home story!

I love that he (and Bella) bound into Bubba’s room as soon as I open her door each morning to stick their snouts through the bars of her cot and say hello. And that they say goodnight exactly the same way each evening.

I’m so glad I decided I would be his Foster Mumma three and a half years ago.

I couldn’t imagine a day without the big goofball of love in my life: happy birthday my beautiful fuzzy love!

An old photo, but an absolute favourite!

* * * * * * * * * *

As we’re now in December and Christmas season is officially here, I’d like to take this moment to urge you to make sure you give serious consideration to getting a pet for Christmas. Or if someone you know is thinking of it, have this chat with them.

Please please please visit a shelter or look for a pet who needs a foster home before making your final decision. And make sure you know pets are for life, not just for Christmas. Pets are family who need to be fed, loved, cared for and taken to the vet. They need to be spayed, they need grooming and vaccinating – just like any other family member (well, maybe without the spaying part)!

Make sure you are more than 100% sure you want a family member who is probably going to eat at least one of your favourite shoes, your remote control, the carpet, the stairs beneath the carpet, washing detergent, your couch cushions, your underwear, your couch, your pillows, your bed or (as mine have over the years) all of the above!

And if you are still sure, get pet insurance. Because DOG forbid something goes wrong and you can’t afford to have it fixed. Be responsible!

The second part of my post today is part of my The 13 Project pledge. (But I would have written it even if it wasn’t.)

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  1. Victoria says:

    We definitely have the same love for our dogs. Beary reminds me a lot of my Cali. Especially the morning look (though she is a short hair). When it’s time for her to wake up and go out side for a pee she just kinda gives me a blank stare, then rolls over for a belly rub.

    I love the message in the second part of your post. Very important not just to BUY a cute puppy (puppy mills are a huge issue and you could end up with a very sick puppy). Adoption is the better route. Some agencies include the spay in the adoption price. So when we adopted Graci, her spay was already paid for (as well as ALL of the shots she required as a puppy).

  2. Happy birthday Beary!! He is so handsome:-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Beary! You are a good (75 lb) little man. Have a wonderful birthday! xoxo

  4. Happy birthday, Beary (even if it’s a few days late)!

  5. 2browndawgs says:

    Happy belated birthday Beary! Beary shares a birthday with Freighter’s mom Smokey. 🙂

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