Waking up lonely

Okay, so that’s not technically true. I did wake up with two beautiful furry kids on my bed. Which is always lovely.

But this greeted me when I went into Bubba’s room:

waking up lonely

She had her first sleep over at her Aunty, Uncle and fuzzy cousin Barker’s house last night. And I slept like crap! I know she was safe and loved and sleeping soundly, but we weren’t under the same roof. Beary spent a lot of the night wondering where she was too. I couldn’t help but think again of those families in Connecticut waking up to empty beds this morning. It’s beyond awful.

I’m meeting my family in the city to look at the department store Christmas windows this morning – and I can’t wait to hold them close.

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  1. Prayers for the parents who will wake up to empty beds for a lifetime. Hugs to your Love Bug.

    1. She sends Love Bug hugs right back to you both! x

  2. dogdaz says:

    Oh, so sad. This so tugged my heart. I still miss my baby and she is away at college now. You will get used to her when she is not in the house, but… you will never really like it. I do not even want to imagine the unimaginable. Too many lives cut short. No, no, no, no, no. Sleep well in knowing that you will see your baby tomorrow. Hug her for all of us at DogDaz.

    1. She loves ‘cuggles’ and sends them back to all of you – she would be in heaven with all of those Zoo cuggles! x

  3. I am sending you a big Bassa hug xx

    1. We’re sending lots of Bubba cuddles right back 🙂 x

  4. Enjoy all the lights and give Bubba an extra hug big today. It’s been a hard week.

    1. I told her that special extra hug was from Sage. And I’m pretty sure she held on tighter 🙂 x

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