Quite tasty, apparently

After we went to look at the Christmas store windows on the weekend, our family stopped for coffee/hot chocolate/babycino at Max Brenner. For those of you who don’t have Max Brenner where you live, it’s seriously yummy hot chocolate.

Bubba started having babycinos a couple of months ago. They are usually served in a very small mug as mostly milk froth and a little chocolate powder dusted on the top.

But not at Max Brenner. There the small mug is coated in melted chocolate then the milk froth is covered with it too. Bubba – who has not eaten chocolate with the exception of some chocolate powder dusted on previous babycinos – seemed to like it (although she’s probably not going to be overly impressed in years to come that we filmed it)! Apparently she has a sweet tooth just like her mumma.

sweetThis photo reminded me of a similar photo I took of our friend Miss E from our recent holiday, although her preference seems to be savoury. Would you like some chips with that sauce Miss E?


{This is not a Max Brenner sponsored post, we could only wish!}

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  1. Ha! I handle my hot cocoa just about like that!! Yum!

  2. now you’re making me wish we had a Max Brenner here. Love hot chocolate!!

    1. For Christmas this year I’ve made up my very own hot chocolate mix to give people. I love hot chocolate too, and it seems Bubba has inherited that trait!

  3. Babycino? I have not heard of these before. Great idea 🙂

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    I have never heard of babycino. Cute idea!

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