We love Clarence

We had a lovely day yesterday spent with family and friends. Bubba spent the 90% of her day in pyjamas. Which is pretty much how I’m planning to spend today! It’s funny to look at this photo of Bubba in her new bean bag cuddling Apollo. When I picked him up in the store he seemed like such a tiny lovey. I forget sometimes that my Love Bug is still really a tiny lovey herself!

bubba and apollo

Sibling love, but not so much sibling stay still for the camera.

my three loves

When it was time to leave home and go to grandma’s house late morning, she was happy enough to put her shoes on, but she was not taking her new Hootabelle pyjamas off.

ready to go out - in my pyjamas

Bubba changed pyjamas for her daytime sleep at grandma’s. Mumma thought this would be a good way to get her out of her Hootabelle ones and finally into her Christmas Day dress. Or not.

When it came time to open our presents, Bubba’s gift for me (which was also from my sister and her husband; Bubba must have told them about this visit we made recently!) was hidden away until the last-minute. I’m not sure why, maybe his wrapping would have given him away earlier?

what could it be

Apollo seemed to think he would be a good cowboydog. Cute!

apollo the cow-dog  All is revealed – we have a cow!

mumma bubba and clarence

Another family member for us: meet Clarence. We love Clarence!

Bubba did finally put her Christmas Dress on a little after 5pm, when we left grandma’s to spend some time with a friend of mine from school and her family, a tradition of some 20-something years standing. And Love Bug, who is usually out cold asleep by 7pm, was at that point dancing up a storm, singing along and clapping her hands at our friend’s house. Not with the other kids mind you, but with the adults. I wonder who she gets that from?

I hope you all had (or are still having!) a wonderful Christmas Day. We sure did.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Today I am spending MOST of the time in my pjs! With a small break to go to the movie theatre, but then it will just be a transition into sweats. It’s Christmas and I’m 9 months Preggo, gonna wear it loud and proud lol

    Love your cow!

  2. rumpydog says:

    Whoa! How cool! I like Apollo too. *whispers to Bubba* I like those pj’s too!

    1. Rumpy, Apollo is such a fun puppy. Aw, thanks – big Bubba cuggles coming your way!

  3. NOTHING is better than pajamas! Good choice, Bubba!

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