Today my Bubba turns two.

I can barely believe it and am astounded how fast the time really has gone by.

This photo was taken on Saturday at Bubba’s birthday picnic brunch. My sister must have taken it I think, because I found it when I was looking through my phone. It was taken in that moment where everything is set up and ready to go and it’s just us.

twoI absolutely love this photo because it is a quintessential Bubba and me moment. We spend a lot of our us time like this – her on my hip, me holding her close and her little arm giving me pats on the back.

I don’t need to tell you guys how amazing it is to be her mumma, because you already know. She is such an incredible little person and I am insanely proud of the lovely little girl she is growing into. So instead of saying more about that I thought I’d share a couple of super cute things she does at the moment which she may or may not grow out of.

Every single time I turn the car into our street, or if we’re walking and we turn a corner into our street she says home, Bella, Bear Bear, YAY! and quite often claps her hands. This is one I hope she never grows out of, because home is where your heart is and Bella and Beary are such a huge part of her heart.

She calls Beary Bear Bear. She always has. Even though everyone else calls him Bear or Beary. Bear Bear is her special name.

She says hi hello each time I get in the car. I’ve shared this before, but in case you missed it you can see the film here.

When she’s really tired or a little unsure of a situation, she twirls her hair and chews on the ends of it. The twirling’s okay, but if she keeps chewing on it she’s never going to need a hair cut!

She said my sister’s name finally on Christmas day. What a Christmas present. When I mention my sister and her husband, Bubba asks Barker? (their lovely dog). I think this is super cute. Of course I should always mention Barker when I mention them. He’s family!

She’s going through a phase where she’s gets really shy and clingy in a crowd. I ask her if she’s put her shy pants on this morning. The funny part about situations like this is when we get in the car or leave wherever we are. Then she’s all talk!

Love Bug has grown a little taller, although not put on any weight. She’s currently wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing. Her hair is getting thicker and longer and has a gorgeous wave to it. Her eyes are still as blue as can be, although they are lighter blue in the middle and darker towards the edge now. She loves the bath but hates having her hair washed and has decided of late she’d rather stand up to bath than sit down. But she hates the shower.

She giggles at night when we’ve been through our whole bedtime routine and I pop in to blow her one last kiss. I think going to sleep happy helps her sleep well and wake up happy.

This is our little world. And it’s my favourite place on earth.

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  1. Gorgeous, stunning things to remember about your big, little girl. Happy Birthday, Bubba!

    Love and kisses and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom xoxo

    1. Thanks Cupcake and Mom. I wish I could get all of today’s loves in person – wouldn’t that be wonderful? x

  2. dogdaz says:

    Happy happy birthday to the big 2 year old angel. Wow does time fly by. What a lovely post on some of the more meaningful moments and her connection to your family, both fur and flesh. It is wonderful how you are able to look back and see the development, not only in pictures, but in your posts. Hold those ‘Mumma and me’ moments close to your heart; they are extra special and extra sweet. You are so right that going to bed happy is a wonderful end to the day. May you always have that one last kiss. Congratulations to you, as you, as a Mom, were born that day too.

    1. Aw, you just made me cry! Thank you. x

  3. Wishing Bubba a very VERY Happy Birthday! She is a beautiful little soul, inside and out, thanks to having such a wonderful loving Mumma like you. Hugging you both & and the pups too! xoxo

    1. Thank you guys. We appreciate the love and support. xox

  4. Margaret Beirne says:

    Dearest Poppy, happy 2nd birthday! I hope you and your lovely Mumma have a wonderful and special time together this evening. Lots of love, Aunty Marg xxoo

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thanks (great) aunty Margaret. Love you xx

  5. tylersat99 says:

    Looks like a perfect Birthday brunch sun sunny and perfect. Happy Birthday Bubba the big 2 and to happy Mom who is doing a great job:-)

    1. Thanks Lexie & Mica (and mom & dad too) x

    1. Thanks Dalton, I’ve had a terrific day! x

      1. Dalton says:

        I am so pleased, and it is just starting here so you can do it all over again and make it last longer!!

    1. She says thanks and sends a big ‘cuggle’ to you.

  6. 2browndawgs says:

    Happy Birthday (belated) Bubba!

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