Kisses for Clarence

Since Clarence came to live with us, he’s really become part of the family.

Although he’s supposed to be a garden cow, we like having him in our hallway. He hangs out near the front door and Bubba’s bedroom door. He greets and farewells people coming and going from our home. He keeps watch over Bubba if Bella or Beary happen to be somewhere else.

Bubba says hi cow, night cow, bye Carence (hasn’t quite got the ‘l’ in Clarence yet).

Clarence is also the recipient of lots of Bubba loves.

hi clarence  kisses for clarence  bye clarence

Lucky cow!

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  1. Adorable! A house is not a home without a cow. I need a cow…..

    1. They make all kinds of anipal sculptures. My sister and I first saw them when I was pregnant, then a few months back Bubba and I met a sheep hanging out in the garden of a cute cafe. They’re super cute.

  2. haha… don’t you just love those wonderful ideas that just never happen! xx

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