Separation anxiety is something that we have all experienced in our house at one time or another. For the last couple of days Bubba has woken up happy, but as soon as I say it’s time to get dressed to go to work and daycare, things change in an instant.

She fights me over getting dressed. I have no idea where she gets so much strength from. I worry that I am going to hurt her wrenching her arms away from her body to put them into the sleeves of her top. She cries. She says no mumma no about absolutely everything.

And then the clincher: no mumma go work no. Over and over again. Bella and Beary feel her sadness too and sit looking from her to me as if to ask what they can do to fix it. Their body language tells me they’re not so happy with this turn of events either.


My anxiety then kicks in, but mine doesn’t come out as tears, instead mine leaves my body as stress. Even when I try really hard to keep it together. Half an hour of struggling to get out the door – to only then try to put her in the car and have her fight me all over again.

By which time I’m running late for work. No matter how early I started our morning.

So I’m stressed, and I’m heart-broken watching big fat tears roll down my Bubba’s face and listening to her choke out the words over and over as I’m trying to get us both to our destinations safely. All this before 7:30am.

Little wonder my days are feeling longer and longer. If only the three of them knew how much I wish I could stay home with them.

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  1. Sage says:

    Thankfully, this will pass, but I know how hard it is to leave her right now. AND to get through this stage! My son went through it at a much younger age. I wasn’t working, but had to leave him at times. He came out of it and actually had no separation anxiety again!

  2. v says:

    My son’s carer always told me, that if a child did not do this one time or another – ie cling onto their parent and try to stop them going to work, she would actually be seriously worried to the point of possibly contacting authorities. That always calmed me down, but I agree, those mornings arn’t easy. Hang on, as always, it will pass. xo

  3. Bongo says:

    I would offer to stay with Bubba – and get all those little girl loves – but my person says I would never be able to replace you.

    1. She would still love some Bongo loves – and it’s very nice of you to offer!

  4. Hang in there, it will get better.

  5. What a way to start the day. Yikes. I hope this phase is a short one. I’m sure Bella and Beary do too!

    1. Poor loves. They’ve been getting lots of extra cuddles once she goes to bed this week! x

  6. Lisa says:

    I’ve been through this and I feel your pain! My daughter was the same age at the time. It did pass, by 3.5 she was practically kicking me out the door of her preschool.

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