My baby is a little girl. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I know this isn’t really news to any of you. She’s two and a quarter. She’s well into todderhood so it’s only natural that she is more little girl and less baby {except when she says I baby mumma and lets me cradle her and carry around like one *sigh*}. 

But sometimes it really hits me.

She knows things. She’s aware of her home and her surroundings. She remembers things. She’s bright and engaged and engaging. She also has moments of being a little monster {and I don’t mean the ones where she puts her hands up like paws and says roarrrr either}.

She reads to me. Yep.

goodnight stars goodnight air

Last night, we were reading Goodnight Moon. When I turned the second last page, I hadn’t drawn breath and she said Goodnight stars, Goodnight air and turned to the final page there you go mumma, you read.

Okay Bubba, I will read. And as much I love that you are reading to me, that we share a love of books and that I hope we always do, for now I’d really like you to stay my Bubba.

Just for a little while longer.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. It will be a new adventure and you will have all the wonderful memories of the past.

    1. I know, it just seems like it’s all happening in fast forward!!

      1. Where is that slow motion button when you need it 😦

  2. dogdaz says:

    She will always be your baby and you can always read to her, no matter what her age. I would love to relive some of those little days though, just for a moment, when I was her everything.

    1. You hit that perfectly on the head – I want to be her everyhting. I did think that when I got her up this morning and she just clung to me like a little monkey, even while I was dressing her. Instead of fighting it so we could get out the door on time, this morning we were 15 minutes late and I soaked up every minute of it.

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