The book nook

Bubba has taken on one of Bella’s hiding nooks.

They both love to crawl under the kitchen bench behind our dining table. It’s the perfect size for the two of them. In the past week I’ve found them in there together a few times.

The last couple of days there has been an addition to the hiding space: books.

We all know Bubba is a book-worm, but this morning when I was clearing away our breakfast it got a little quiet. I called out to her, thinking she must have gone quietly past me and be in her bedroom.

I under here mumma she responded.

When I looked under here this is the beaming smile which greeted me. She’s definitely in the right family.

the book nook

Oh hi Bubba. I love your new little book nook.

{Might be time for mumma to get out the sewing machine and refer back to her love bug | play time Pinterest board!}

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  1. Great smile. Beaming is almost an understatement.

  2. tylersat99 says:

    What a cute hideaway 🙂

    1. She’s definitely my daughter, her aunty’s niece and her grandma’s grand daughter. Book worms one and all!

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