I can’t love Beary

I’m sharing this because it’s really starting to stress me out. A couple of weeks ago, we were talking at home and I gave Beary a cuddle and said I love you Beary. To which Bubba pipes up: I can’t love Beary.

Now, I know she loves Beary. Obviously. She gives him tickles and cuddles. She shares her peas {and the kid LOVES her peas and doesn’t give them away easily}. She talks about him and Bella when we’re almost home, and runs to them as soon as the front door is open.

She reads him stories.

i can't love beary

But I can’t shake the awful feeling I get each time she says it. I can’t love Beary. I’ve tried telling her that will make Beary sad. I’ve told her it makes me sad {breaks my heart would be more the point}. I’ve told her it’s not nice. That it’s mean. She’s not saying it with any malice, rather just a statement. Sometimes she smiles when she says it.

But she keeps saying it. It’s like she’s now saying it for effect, so this past weekend I tried ignoring it, but she repeated it until I responded. As I held my hands over Beary’s ears so he couldn’t hear her.


I am all ears to anyone who may have been through anything similar. Is it really Beary, is it my reaction, does she know what she’s saying or not? She’s 28 months, and there’s nothing in the books about when your child says she doesn’t love one of your dogs.

Sad and confused mumma. All advice gladly received.

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  1. Aileen Brede says:

    I think they do it for a reaction, so no reaction whatsoever from you would help. Try walking away and not responding at all when she says it. Alternatively you can show Bear LOTS of love and cuddles and say out aloud how much you lovvvveeeeee Bear and like most times, kids love to copy, so hopefully she’ll start copying your uttermost love for Bear, rather than saying she doesn’t? I’m sure she doesn’t really mean it.

    1. I have been doing just that {to Beary and Bella}! Hopefully it’s just a reaction thing and she’ll stop soon. My heart breaks every time she says it! Then I find her on my bed reading to him and I know she doesn’t mean it. But I don’t want her to think it’s okay to say mean things either!!

  2. Sam says:

    Have you asked her “Why, she cant love Beary”?

    1. Yes. Her response: ‘I just can’t’!

  3. tric says:

    Relax, I do not think your little lady is aware of what her words really mean. She is stating a fact that is true to her. In time when she gets older you can reason with her but at the moment it is only words, as she is clearly demonstrating how much she loves Beary. I would ignore it completely, no conversation on the matter at all and when all reaction ceases she may in fact change her mind. That is my twopennys worth to you anyway.

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