A relaxed approach to dining

I try to make a point of Bubba and I sitting together for dinner. It’s easy when you’re the single working mother of a baby/toddler to feed them on the go and keep rushing around to get everything done that needs to be done each night.

But that would mean missing out on our chat about what happened that day.

It would mean Bubba sitting alone at the table. Okay, so Bella and Beary usually sit right beside her, so technically not alone. But you know where I’m going with it.

Even though it means I eat at nanna o’clock, I think it’s an important routine to get into, because as she gets older, I want preparing our food and eating together to be something that comes naturally. A coming together at the end of each day to talk about life; something we will both look forward to.

Some nights we’ll go out to dinner, some nights we’ll have picnics, and some nights we’ll take a more relaxed approach to dining. Like tonight.

Love Bug was really tired when we got home. So tired that she said she wanted to put her pyjamas on as soon as we walked in the door, then got Easter Rabbit and her blankie and climbed up on the couch.

It feels like Friday night took a long time to come around this week. As I was making us an easy dinner and I yawned. She looked up at me and asked you tired too, mumma? Yes Love Bug. Mumma, we have dinner on couch?

a relaxed approach to dining

And in that moment, I couldn’t think of one good reason not to.

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  1. Dinner on the couch is the best. Nothing in the way of the crumbs falling on the floor for me!

    Love and licks and I love yummy crumbs,

    1. Bella & Beary like it when crumbs fall too. Sometimes they fall naturally, other times Bubba encourages the crumbs … or just hands them straight over 🙂 x

  2. Bassa's Blog says:

    Bubba is sooooooo sweet! I have just returned from a visit to the UK so I am catching up with everything xx

    1. Thanks, she is, isn’t she? Welcome home, lovely to hear from you. Give Bassa a kiss from us. xox

  3. Dalton says:

    Typists mum would always sit with her and her sister when they ate even if she didn’t. It is something she intends to do if she is lucky enough to have kids of her own!

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