Where he gone mumma?

I think my favourite part of working from home {other than spending the day with my fuzzy sidekicks of course} is walking Bubba to day care via the coffee shop. We stop in, chat to the barista then wander to day care chatting and drinking our coffee.

This morning I’d walked ahead of her a few steps so I could take a photo of her and when I turned around she’d stopped and was staring at a gate.

Where he gone mumma?

where he gone mumma 1

Who Bubba?

Oh … him! Hi puppy. Awwwww, hi puppy. You happy?

where he gone mumma 2

I’m pretty sure he’s happy now that you’ve stopped by to say hi Bubba.

where he gone mumma 3

Wait little friend – where are you going? Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Let’s visit a while longer!

I guess not. Okay then, bye.

Bye bye puppy.

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  1. That is the craziest visiting arrangement ever. That little head coming out for some loves. Hilarious.

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