Little mumma

Love Bug is obsessed with babies. Obsessed.

We were in a cafe yesterday and a woman came in with a pram and a tiny baby in it. Awwwww mumma, a baaaaaaaaaaby. {Whispered at the top of her high-pitched voice if you can imagine it.} The mother smiled at me and at my Bubba. I give it a kiss? she asked the mother. Oh dear. I quietly explained that we couldn’t kiss bubbas who we don’t know.

I suppose it’s a little confusing because we pat dog we don’t know as long as we ask their people first. It’s just not the same with babies. Much to Love Bug’s chagrin.

Last weekend we caught up with our mother’s group friends. A lot of them have new babies in their family. Bubba was in heaven. Considering there is no baby in our home, I was surprised how incredibly gentle she was with the baby I was holding for a little while. She put her hand gently to his cheek, leaned in to give him a kiss, holding his head ever so lightly, then gave him a cuddle. Then repeated that all a few times!

i love babies It made my ovaries hurt.

Alas, there will be no more babies for us {unless you count the 4-legged variety}, but Bubba’s little friend whose house we met up at had a doll. A baby doll. One his mumma had bought to get him used to the idea of having a baby around. A doll he showed very little interest in.

The very same doll that Bubba managed to sniff out in a house filled with cars and trains and all sorts of other things. She’d held her own with the boys and played with the cars and trains while we were there, but eventually she found the baby.

And we were not leaving the house without it. Lucky for us, the little boy was happy to share baby with us.

baby waiting to get in car baby in pjs baby carrying

Given how much of a little mumma Bubba has become to baby, I’m worried it may never get to go home again. We may have to do a swap for something with 4 wheels and a digger!

As much as getting out of the house is taking even longer now that baby has to be dressed, wrapped, have her pyjamas on, and so on, I can’t help but be proud of her.

And just a little proud of me.

Why am I proud of me? Because of the way Bubba is with baby. Her mannerisms, her gentle nature, the way she speaks to the baby, the way she holds her and the absolute love she is showering in baby.

Guess where she learned those things?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. You’re right to be proud. She learned from a master! That is SO sweet!

  2. Dalton says:

    You’re so right to be proud!!

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