Whingey McWhingerson

I went to bed on Friday night with a rotten headache. And I woke up with it on Saturday morning. Bubba woke up with her Whinging Hat on. Luckily grandma came and spent the first half of the day with us, so I took some strong painkillers and cooked food for us for the week, while grandma kept Love Bug entertained.

Despite having an afternoon sleep {Bubba, not me – I managed to work for an hour before she woke up} the rest of the day wasn’t much better.

Whingey McWhingerson had her Whinging Pants on all afternoon, to match her Whinging Hat, which was still firmly planted on her head. Anyone who hasn’t listened to a very small person whinging non-stop for a few hours {or even a few minutes}, will probably wonder what could possibly be so bad about it.

Anyone who has will understand why I was considering having myself checked in to a facility by early evening. It would be quiet, there would be no whinging noise, and hey, they may even give me some nice drugs to help me sleep for a couple of days?

You could say it was a tough day at the mumma office today. Little Miss I’ll Eat Anything didn’t want any of the delicious food I’d made for dinner. Instead she had half a bowl of brown rice, and then some warm pear with a teaspoon of custard.

We did have 15 or so lovely minutes before she went to bed. Grandma bought one of my favouite childhood books today Go, Dog! Go. by PD Eastman for Bubba. I went to get it to take to my bedroom where Bubba was laying on my bed drinking her bottle. This is the scene that greeted me.

So. Freaking. Cute!

a moment of peace

We read Go, Dog! Go. twice. With a promise to read it again first thing in the morning. She took both that and Guess How Much I Love You? to her bedroom and placed them beside her bed on the floor so we can read them in the morning.

Then she refused to give me a kiss and cuddle, instead pushing me away. Hmph! Poor mumma.

I left her and poured myself a glass of wine. After 10 minutes or so of puppy cuddles I went back in to try again. This time she sat up and put her little arms around my neck. You in my bed mumma? So I crawled in and soaked her up for 5 minutes.

That better mumma. You happy?

Yes Bubba, that is better. And I am happy now I’ve had my kisses and cuddles.

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  1. Misaki says:

    That pic is adorable. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you xx

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