Off to a pretty good start

Bubba’s first day at kindy could not have been more perfectly planned for her if I’d done the planning: the RSPCA came to visit! They brought with them a life-size, but pretend dog and cat {understandable given the age of the children they are visiting} and talked to the little ones about caring for your pets.

Responsible pet ownership should start this young. Imagine if everyone in the world was taught to be responsible for, to love and respect animals from this age?

Do you want to know the best part? Guess who volunteered to help brush the pets? Yep! My super shy little Love Bug. On her first day of kindy. Maybe she just wanted the opportunity to get near a cat which wasn’t going to run away from her cuddles? Or maybe not. Either way, I’m Oh. So. Proud. {On so many levels.}

The staff in her room all said to me how wonderful she’d been. That she’d barely shed a tear after I left. That makes one of us; I had to sit in the car in the car park for a few minutes before I’d stopped crying enough to drive. Love Bug played with the other kids, painted {specifically asking for them to make her up some pink paint – how surprising!}, played in the sandpit making birthday cakes with tree fronds for candles, played cooking, played with the ‘babies’, ate her lunch and slept when all the other kids did.

Oh, and the staff all commented on how just gorgeous she is too!

This morning when I said we were going to kindy, her response: Yay Kindy!

off to a good start

She looks pretty happy about it don’t you think?

I’m just a little worried she may expect the RSPCA to visit every day. Of course, I’d be okay with that.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh m goodness! The RSPCA visiting pre schools! What a great idea! Something like that would be great in Greenland!

  2. So sweet! Transformation – the best kind.

  3. The best ! When they are happy to go and be there too. Way to go mumma and bubba x

  4. Penny says:

    O.M.G….Poppy is sooo adorable!

  5. Dalton says:

    Sounds brilliant and well done bubba!

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