I picked Bubba up from her first day at Kindy early this afternoon. Which meant I needed to do some work when we got home. After we went to our local cafe for hot chocolate and a chat to talk about her first day of course!

I press? she asked as I sat beside her typing . Then my phone rang. Because it’s usually family, Bubba wanted to be on the call, but it was a work call. So I made it as brief as I could. When I hung up, she reached for my ear piece.

Which gave me an idea.

I helped her put one of the ear pieces in then found some music for her to listen to. She’s never listened to music through earphones before.

This is the look of discovery. Isn’t the look on her face precious?

discovery 1 discovery 2 discovery 3 discovery 4

She alternated between one, both then sharing with me.

{What was playing? Ode to Joy then some Rolling in the Deep.}

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    I love how you capture all the precious moments! Wow!

  2. Sage says:

    She looks so happy!

    1. She LOVES music. As soon as we get in the car she asks ‘music on mumma?’

  3. So many new experiences! And so many more to come….

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