Shades of green


In that one word, you’re loving green. Apparently so is my Love Bug.

At the end of each kindy day, there is a PowerPoint presentation on the laptop in their room {the Grasshoppers room – more green!} telling the story of their day. Which I think is such a cute idea.

Tonight when I picked her up {day 3, and the longest day she’s had so far at 8 hours} I looked through the presentation and found this photo.

shades of green

The story that goes with the picture went like a little something like this:

Love Bug was very eager to begin and was the first one to approach the easel. Before she started to paint she picked up the paint brush and said ‘it’s green’. For her first painting, Love Bug painted with dark green paint, and the second painting with light green paint. She held the paint brush in her left hand and kept smiling at her educators.

My happy little artiste.

I couldn’t have been more pleased because she was beside herself when I dropped her off this morning. Mumma was too, but I held it together until I got back to the car.

Her room leader was telling me that they had read a book to the Grasshoppers this morning just after I left about three owl babies who take a while to adjust to their mumma going off to get food for them. The story talks about how it takes a little while to get used to things when they’re new to you. And then they talked with all of the kids about my Love Bug being a bit sad when I left because kindy is new to her. Bubba also told me about the owl babies book when we were having our little chat before bed tonight.

Yep, she’s totally in the right place. Yay, kindy!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    What a gorgeous little Kindy! I love their PowerPoint presentation idea! What a wonderful, wonderful idea!

  2. Bongo says:

    I bet Bubba’s going to be an awesome artist.

  3. Daily PowerPoint! Super cool idea. Super cool little star!

  4. rumpydog says:

    Awesome! Sounds like they have structured lesson plans too…. choosing colors and coordinating books to go along with it. YAY!

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