As Bubba is growing more independent and wanting to do things herself, she’s also facing the frustration associated with not quite being tall enough, or strong enough – or whatever enough – to do some things by herself just yet. So I offer not to do things for her, but that we do them together. As soon as we arrive home, the fuzzy loves bound to the baby gate on one side, and we on the other. The gate is a foot operated one {very handy for mummas who have their arms full!} but Love Bug doesn’t weigh enough to push the pedal down to release the gate. So we started doing it together, her foot on top of mine. It’s the first regular thing I noticed she would ask that we do together.

It’s such a lovely word. Love Bug said it a few times tonight while we were helping each other do things. Which sounded even more lovely considering the past few days.

We opened the door at home: she put the key in the lock, I helped her turn it. Together.

We opened the baby gate so we could greet Bella and Beary. Together.

We splashed the bath water. Together.

We went to look at a house for rent a few doors down from us on our street. Together.

We ate spinach and ricotta ravioli with slow roasted caramelised tomato sauce. Together.

We lay in Bubba’s cot and read stories while we held hands. Together.

You in my bed mumma? Yes Bubba I am.

Together? Yes Bubba, my favourite place.

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  1. I didn’t realize what a beautiful word “together” is till I read this. It’s my new favorite word.

    1. Mine too … and I didn’t realise until I typed it out so many times that broken down it reads “to get her” and made me think of all of the steps I went through to get my lovely Bubba 🙂

  2. Great post and I just read your comment above how wonderful 🙂

    1. rumpydog says:

      I agree. Made my eyes a bit misty…. *sniff sniff*

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