A cry for help

In this {not wordless} Wednesday post, I’d like to share a face with you that I have been looking at increasingly lately.


It breaks my heart and frustrates me and makes me question myself as a mumma. I know it’s referred to as the terrible twos for a reason, but the past few days have been – on the whole – horrid. We have spent more time in tears than we have smiling. And that’s not good for anyone.

Tonight Bubba {who usually goes to sleep like a dream} cried solidly for 50 minutes. Or I should say screamed. And to tug on my heart-strings just a little more than usual, she actually started screaming out mumma or mumma come. Over and over. And over. She screamed so hard that she threw up. Yep, it’s all very ordinary. Eventually, mid-scream she just stopped. Sleep took over her. I know this because as soon as she stopped, I stood at her door until I could hear her deep breathing.

My cry for help is not for her or me, but for my baby boy. I noticed at one point when Love Bug was having a tantrum tonight that Beary was standing shaking. I could see my poor baby boy shaking. I went to him and sat on the floor and cuddled him and told him everything was going to be okay. I was rewarded with big snuggles and a few kisses on the end of my nose.

For the few minutes we were on my bed and Bubba was having her bottle, happy and peaceful, Beary couldn’t have got closer to her if he tried. He was pressed up against her side with his head leaning on her tummy. He wanted her to be okay. And to show her that he was there for her to protect her. It was so sweet and makes me want to cry. But I’m worried that her being upset it is stressing him out so much.

I’ve plugged in the DAP {doggie pheromone} adaptor again and am giving him as much contact and love as I can, holding him close and talking calmly to him. I made sure Bubba gave him an extra big cuddle before she went to bed.

I haven’t noticed it before, and maybe he is just feeling extra sensitive tonight, but if anyone has any ideas about how to get through the terrible twos without terrifying your puppy dogs, I’m all ears.

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  1. Poor babies – ALL OF YOU! I think what you’re doing is all you can do. I’m curious to see if anybody has a better idea.

  2. Nikki says:

    How is bubba still cute as ridonculously possible when wearing cranky pants? 😛 MJ I don’t know if you follow astrology but we’re just entering a mercury retrograde – it symbolises dramas & communication problems, arguments, jarred nerves etc (particularly as this one is in the star sign Cancer a highly emotional sign to begin with) & I’m feeling it too in my world, I think it’s being felt by your lil family also, Beary & yourself included. I wonder if Beary would eat a treat every time Bubba has a scary melt down? Kind of akin to de-sensitising him to the situation much like you would with a thunder storm? Thinking of you & hope that things calm – and omg don’t be crazy & doubt your mumma skills! You ROCK da mumma thang! Terrible 2’s is what it is + mercury retrograde (google it if you are inclined, it is fascinating) = tough month 😦 All will be somewhat better by July 20th according to the stars, so fingers crossed.

    1. That is interesting. On many levels. I will definitely read about it!

  3. Gen says:

    This made me cry. It’s beautiful that Beary loves Bubba so much, even when she’s being little Miss Cranky! I hope everyone is happier soon 🙂

    1. She’s very lucky to have such amazing furry family!

  4. Dalton says:

    You are an amazing mum! Having limited experience with children you may look at this suggestion and laff, but how about pointing out to her how much she is upsetting Beary? Like I said may be no use but it is all i got! (p.s if I ever have children and realised how little use this comment actually I apologise in advance!) Daltons typist

    1. Dalton, your typist and I are on the same page. Once things had calmed down momentarily {when we were laying on my bed having stories and Beary was resting his head on Bubba’s tummy} I said to her that Beary gets sad if she’s crying or upset, just like mumma and Bella do, because we’re her family and love her and want her to be happy.

      1. Dalton says:

        It’s a pity you are so far away as i think we would get on famously if we was to meet in real!

      2. I think so too! That’s one of the happy side effects of blogging I think – finding people you may never meet but still think of as friends.

  5. tric says:

    Hugs. It is such a frustrating and difficult time. My gang used to shout “Please Mama, sob sob, pleeese”. I can still hear it after all these years. My youngest was not the worst of them but her siblings were older and on top of her crying I had the wrath of them on me. Sometimes my eldest who was twelve at the time, completely ignored me and went in and picked her up! However we have all survived and no one needs counselling yet anyway!
    I think if you can, try to remember it is a phase and they need help to get through it. If you interfere too much or do not stay strong when you know you are being manipulated, then the phase goes on a whole lot longer. I used a star system for everything and it worked. Praise her just as she is going to bed and give her a star, and then say she might even get another in the morning if she can go to sleep without calling you. If she doesn’t get a star, make little of it, and tell her she might get one the next night. After a few stars (set a real number, like three) she gets a small treat.
    Best of luck.

  6. rumpydog says:

    What happens when Beary goes into the room with her?

    1. He won’t go near her while she’s really upset, but as soon as she calms down he goes straight to her and makes sure she knows he’s there.

      1. rumpydog says:

        Poor love…. I think you’re doing some good things with comforting and with the pheromones…..

      2. Thanks. Last night she was having a bed time meltdown and in between going in to check on her I made a point of just sitting on the couch and flicking through a magazine {first time in about a year!!} with the dogs on either side of me, so they hopefully learn it’s okay and I’m not stressed out by it.

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