It always starts off cosy.

Although Bubba usually sleeps with all of her loveys at the end of her cot where her head is, lately she’s been throwing them around, so I’ve started tucking her favoured ones in with her each night, and tucking the rest of them at the other end of the bed.

before 1 before 2

Without fail though, each time I’ve been in for the past few nights to check on her {and during her daytime sleep today}, this is the site which has greeted me.



As for why? It’s a mystery. So far I haven’t managed to get a reason behind the eviction of all of her loveys … and her socks.

In the middle of winter.

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  1. That’s mysterious! Poor little loveys. Ousted!

  2. tric says:

    This brought me back. Two of my children used to do this. Once I spied through the crack in the door, and I saw my son standing up throwing each one out and giggling beautifully. When they were all “evicted” he stood for awhile and looked at them. Then he happily lay down and settled to sleep. He did this for many months. Happy days, you brought me back in time!

  3. Sage says:

    Don’t you just wonder what goes on in a toddler’s mind?

  4. rumpydog says:

    Maybe she wanted Beary to have something to play with!

  5. vica says:

    My son (a very similar age) does the same thing with one variation, he will ALWAYS put his socks on his hands as sock puppets (and trying to make sure all limbs have socks prior going to bed still results in the same outcome 🙂

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