I hiding

I had a moment over the weekend where I felt like I was in a vortex. One where I had no idea where my Bubba was. She was playing in her bedroom – putting her baby to bed. Someone came to our front door. A neighbour who just wanted to let me know they were having a party that night.

I returned to the kitchen and after a minute or two called out to Love Bug. And was greeted with silence. Deafening silence. I went to her room but she wasn’t there. Nor was she in my room, or the living area. She wasn’t under my feet in the kitchen. Or with the dogs. I checked again. Everywhere. Twice.

At that moment so many thoughts went through my brain, including that someone had taken my Bubba somehow while my neighbour distracted me {yeah, I know I’m a little bit crazy, but so is this world some days}.

Pure panic was replaced with sheer relief when – as I went to her room for the third time I heard a little giggle escaping.

From the wardrobe.

I flung the door aside and there she was, crouching under her clothes giggling in delight.

I hiding mumma!

i hiding mumma

Thank dogness for that. My pulse finally returned to normal about an hour later, and today I captured it on film. The giggle is infectious. You have been warned!

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  1. Gorgeous giggles! Perfect after the hide-and-seek-heart-attack!

  2. I just wanted to let you know.. I am so enjoying reading this blog! Every morning when I get to work, i grab and coffee, fire up the computer and read your latest post 🙂 Your love bug is so much like my daughter 🙂 Keep up the good work Amazing Mumma xx

    1. Thanks R … for sharing our story and for taking the time to let me know how much you enjoy it! xx

  3. Dalton says:

    I get the impression you did not enjoy the game as much as she did! Hope you poured yourself a large glass or three of wine?!

    1. It’s okay now that I know it’s a game, but for that 30 seconds there … wine is a good idea! 😉

  4. Sage says:

    Hide ‘n’ seek is such fun…so says a toddler!

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