Will her legs ever be long enough?

We took the bike to the park for some practice today.

will her legs ever be long enough

It’s a tricycle and Bubba’s legs are only just long enough to reach the pedals if she points her toes. She can’t put any pressure on them to get any forward momentum, so she’s walking her feet along the ground to get around.

I wondered today if her legs will ever be long enough, but then stopped myself mid-thought. It seems mere days ago that I took this photo.

so tiny

Her head in the palm of my hand and her butt at the crook of my elbow, she was barely bigger than the baby she carries around.

I know I’ve asked before … but where oh where is the pause button?

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  1. tric says:

    If you find it let me know. And for other days the fast forward!

  2. Sage says:

    Tell me about it. It seems like only yesterday mine were babies.

  3. They don’t make years like they used to……

  4. Time is precious and fleeting. It seems with every blink something changes. Enjoy those too short legs for in time they may be longer than yours. ~Blessings~

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