Back to where she knows it’s safe

Last week I wrote about Love Bug’s growing awareness of the world.

What seems to have coincided with this are regressive behaviours. Wanting her dummy when it’s not bed time, wanting to be carried like a baby, wanting to be fed like a baby. Or at the very least wanting to sit on my lap and eat dinner. Me holding her night time bottle.

It seems she wants to go back to where she knows it’s safe. In my arms.

I am soaking it up because, well, because I can really. She will be grown before I know it and I’ll long for the days I could cradle her in my arms and carry her to bed, dancing and singing to her.

Singing is another thing she’s requesting every night. At first I thought it may be a tactic to prolong bedtime a little more, but it seems to soothe her. I sing most nights anyway, but she’s now requesting that I sing the rainbow song {Somewhere Over the Rainbow} and the other baby song {Moon River}.

bedtime bubba

Okay Bubba, if that’s what will make you feel happy and safe.

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  1. tylersat99 says:

    Sometimes things change just too fast and we get insecure. Going to a place that has always been secure and safe gives us what we need so we can take the next step:-)

    1. And it’s a place I’m more than happy for her to be!

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