Tasty Tuesday {I’ve been meaning to make that}

The weekend is our time for baking.

Except for last weekend. Last weekend my poor Love Bug was knocked flat by her second ear infection in a week. Instead of baking, or doing much of anything else really, I spent the majority of my time with a very lethargic bundle of super warm love nestled in my lap.

So today, rather than pictures of and a how to for my gluten and dairy free coconutella {see what I did there?} cookies – next week, I pinky swear promise – I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve been meaning to bake. Some I wanted just to copy, others to amend to make them less sugary or gluten free. Maybe you’ll be enthused by something on the list and bake it for me? {Then drop it around for me to taste for you … you know, because I’d hate you to not have a second opinion.}

Milo macarons. Oh yeah, I did just type that. If you are an Aussie kid, you grew up drinking milk with milo in it. And now you can make macarons with that flavour too. I’m a little scared to make these. I may never stop.

milo macarons

Sunday night in winter. Comfort food. Grilled cheese all the way. This one has is a little left of centre, but I’m keen. As {Dijon} mustard *sorry, bad dad joke, but I couldn’t resist.

There’s generally someone in your family who makes scones. For us it’s my gorgeous cousin. He’s made them since he was a kid. He’s now 31. So good. So, so good. They’re part of his very extensive repertoire of two recipes {no, I’m not being a meanie, he would be the first to tell you the same}. Lucky for all of us, his boyfriend is the culinary master of the pair. But I digress. Scones. I rarely make them but I like to eat them. And cinnamon is my friend. So is honey. No surprise then that these cinnamon honey scones are on my list.

Am I going to list anything healthy? Of course! This is it. Vegetarian eggplant rolls. They’ve been on my radar for a while because they definitely seem like something that should be on regular rotation in our kitchen.

Vanilla condensed milk cake. Um, hello? Vanilla. Condensed milk. Cake. Nuff said.

What are you waiting for? Get thee to the kitchen. And don’t forget to share with me!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. theloverlist says:

    Milo macarons? Did I just die and go to sweet sweet Milo heaven? They sound amazing!!
    I’m 33 years old and still sprinkle Milo on my ice cream! Shhhhh – don’t tell anyone.

    1. Me too … and I’m a little bit older than you 😉

  2. Sage says:

    Mmmmmmm scones…I just made some blackberry ones and they were amazing! Love the looks of the macaroons, though. Anything with chocolate!

    1. Oh you’re a woman after my own heart!

  3. Dalton says:

    Very kind of you to offer a second opinion – your generosity knows no end! Give bubba a love from us!

    1. I will definitely give her your love!

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