Is killing these puppies with a hammer humane?

After posting on Friday about the proposed changes to legislation in Victoria {Australia}, I didn’t have the response I had hoped for. Not one share on Facebook, and only a couple of of retweets. Despite my pleading and bombarding both social media sites.

My friends over at Rumpydog blogged about it the next day and had the highest traffic they’ve ever had … exactly what I’d hoped for. Rumpy lives in America.


To be honest, I was really disappointed in the lack of response to my post, although very happy Rumpy had such strong response. I have written before about the plight of dogs. But those dogs had a face. They were relatable. Thus my decision to put this photo of super cute labrador puppies in today’s post. The kind of puppies you would see in a bundle sleeping on each other, paws in the water bowl … in pet stores in shopping malls. A bundle of cuteness to lure you in. The exact kind of place you should never buy a dog from. 

I wondered/hoped if by using a photo {this one is a stock photo from} and giving the hundreds of puppies who are at risk a super cute face for people to relate to, that there may be more action from people?

The proposed revision of the Victorian animal breeders code will allow breeders to euthanise their own animals, using a humane method. In an ABC radio interview, Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh admitted that shooting an animal or using a blunt instrument, if done appropriately, could be a humane method of euthanasia under the code change. All of the details and links are in both my original post and in Rumpy’s post too.

We can NOT let this happen. We need to make our voices heard by 5pm on Tuesday 13 August. That’s tomorrow.

To take action and let the Victorian Government know what you think you can submit your feedback by emailing You don’t need to write an essay, just make your objection to the proposed revision to the Code of Practice for Breeding Practices known.

PLEASE share this post on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, post it on as many animal welfare and/or rescue site pages as you can. Get the word out so we can stop this insanity before it goes a step further.

Pretty please with {rescue} puppy love on top!

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  1. rumpydog says:

    I wish people knew what breeder farms are really like. They would NEVER buy a dog from one if they did.

  2. theloverlist says:

    MJ, I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to share this over the weekend. I’ve just sent my objection email to the VIC government and will certainly spread the word amongst work colleagues, family and friends, I’ve also shared your post on my facebook account today.
    This whole thing is appalling, sickening and just plain wrong. I hope we can all make a change!

    1. Thank you B! I just posted a happy pic for you in Instragram 🙂 xx

  3. I sent a message to the VIC government on Friday and had a reply today telling me that they would not count it unless I put my full name and address. Needless to say, I responded with my details. Just a warning to others, make sure these details there or your voice will be ignored!

  4. Clowie says:

    I’ll share today.

  5. Rita Horta says:

    This is so upsetting!! These greedy and heartless people need to be stopped! I have just emailed my objection. Thanks for posting this on FB. Rita

    1. 16,000 in the last 24 hours … once the story got out on social media – thank DOG!

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