Such a proud mumma {and niece}

This week my aunty {Bubba’s great aunty} Marg, who is an avid reader of our blog, passed an enormous milestone: she’s been a nun for 50 years! All week Bubba and I have been talking about Margaret’s special day which was Saturday.

There was a full mass and lunch in celebration. Bubba and I don’t go to church. Like a lot of the kids in our family, and some of the kids in my mum’s generation! And we’re okay with that. I know some of you out there – some of my favourite bloggers – and some of my dearest friends do go to all forms of church. I respect that you all have different faiths. I’m spiritual but I wouldn’t call myself religious. Anyway, I digress, but the point I was making in a very long-winded manner was this: Love Bug, at two and a half, isn’t used to sitting quietly though a church service.

About one third of the way through the service, Bubba wanted to go and sit with Aunty Marg. She didn’t seem to mind. When I went up to say one of the prayers, I did so with Bubba on my hip. Eating a yoghurt. Which she’d spilled a little of on the order of service. Just on the three lines where the words for my prayer were.

Of course, all everyone else saw was a very well-behaved, shy little Love Bug. And despite needing to go outside for a couple of walks, some fresh air, and to talk to the puppy who lives in the friary next door, my small person who isn’t overly fond of really noisy places and lots of people, did supremely well.

It was a lovely celebration and great to catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles we don’t see very often. Aunty Marg, although she’s always on the lookout for a Prince Charming for me, has always been so supportive of me and the decisions I’ve made in life and adores Love Bug. When we arrived at the church yesterday, the first thing she did was give Bubba a present. I’m fairly sure the whole idea was to celebrate aunty, not grand niece, but Love Bug was very happy with her pink pussy cat umbrella. As you can see in the photo below. 

so proud

In the car on our way home. Almost two hours late for her afternoon sleep. Looking exhausted but so incredibly well-behaved. And holding on tight to her Aunty Margaret special pussy cat ‘brella.

I’m such a proud mumma {and niece}.

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  1. Sweet! Congratulations to Aunty Marge! And to the best behaved little LoveBug at the celebration!

  2. Margaret Beirne says:

    Your post below nearly brought me to tears! I’m sure you know that all your love and pride are returned by hundreds! You looked absolutely lovely up there reading the (yoghurt-flavoured) prayer with Poppy on your hip! Wouldn’t you love to know what she made of it all!!!

    Thanks for being such a special part of the whole day – I’ve had so much positive feedback about our fabulous family!! It’s all been rather wonderful. The best bit is that everyone seemed to have such a good time catching up!

    Hope your week is travelling as smoothly as possible.

    Love you,
    Aunty Marg. xxxxx

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