Natural beauty

Bubba looked particularly pale this evening. Although she looked tired and drawn, I couldn’t help but think how incredibly beautiful she is. And I don’t mean front cover of Vogue beautiful, but rather the innocence and perfection that is a baby/toddler/child.

We’ve been talking about eye colour a lot lately. Hers are blue, mine are green on the inside with blue edges and the fuzzy loves are brown. As I looked at her pale skin, blue eyes, dark long eyelashes and perfect cupid bow lips {which she definitely didn’t get from her mumma}, her hair piled on top of her head so it didn’t get wet in the bath, I found myself hoping that she always appreciates her natural beauty.

natural beauty

It is my responsibility to instil in her that confidence and appreciation. I know that.

And for me to teach her to be healthy, to live healthfully, to laugh, to run, to sing really loud, to dance in the kitchen, to play {to never stop playing}, to jump on the bed, to eat breakfast for dinner occasionally, to love fully, even when you know it’s going to break your heart {until they figure out how dogs can live longer!}, to imagine and dream.

I need to teach her that there is perfection in imperfection, and not to be sucked into the vortex that is trying to obtain perfection. To see beauty and the extraordinary in the every day. To be compassionate and kind.

As soon as she’s old enough, we’ll run together. At the moment the only running we do is playing my soccer {aka Love Bug’s version of the game!}, but I’m so looking forward to running again, and am excited to have a 2-legged companion running with me. I wonder if Beary will get back into it with us?

I will teach her all of these things by not talking about them. Instead, I will teach them by being a living, breathing example. By being the best version of me I can be.

If her parenting skills are anything to go by, she’s already a good study!

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  1. Love how you call her Bubba, that’s what I call my daughter! ❤

  2. theloverlist says:

    MJ – this post gave me chills. In a good way. I’m sure you’re support network and surrounding family tell you all the time what a wonderful parent you are to Poppy. But from an outsider looking in, and having the pleasure of reading your daily posts, I just know you are the very best mumma. Your honestly, your raw maternal instincts and your pure love & joy for being a mum shines through everyday.
    Poppy, if you ever read this, YOU chose an amazing mumma.

    1. Aw B, you made me cry – thank you! I’m the lucky one. x

  3. tric says:

    Lovely post. I have four children, two of them are very dark skinned, one a mix and one is porcelain white, She doesn’t appreciate it but it is a beautiful. I am not a make up sort of person, although I am not anti make up. My two older girls were for a short while annoyed when I insisted no make up to school. I didn’t mind it anywhere else. Now my eldest in her twenties is very happy to only wear make up on a night out and my next is influenced by her. It is a fine balance and difficult these days as most girls seem to hide behind makeup and fashion.
    As you have been told you are a lovely mum to Bubba. She is a lucky girl, as are you.

  4. So perfect. Those are all the things she needs to know. …along with the kindness and caring for others that she’s already learned by your example!

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