So happy so happy so happy

Love Bug is fond of saying this. There’s a book we read which has three smiling faces on one page. She points at each one. So happy. So happy. So happy.

Being away from my three loves this week was much tougher than anticipated because of what happened while I wasn’t here. Being a 90 minute flight away and feeling helpless is not a good feeling. But knowing they were all in the very safe arms of their aunty and uncle helped a lot.

I think my face said it all yesterday when I picked Bubba up from Kindy. The photo is blurry because we were laughing.

so happy 1 so happy 2 so happy 3

I’m happy to be home. So happy. So happy. So happy!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Home sweet home. …so happy….

  2. Bassa's Blog says:

    Welcome home! You all so happy! 🙂

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