Do we have to go?

Saturday afternoon we had an outing with Bubba’s kindy. All the families getting together for an afternoon of barefoot {lawn} bowling, sack races, kicking the ball and fundraising. There was a band and general merriment.

All morning I was filled with dread. Do we have to go?

You all know that Love Bug is shy, well her mumma is not overly keen on situations like we were about to be thrust into either. Out of my comfort zone. Completely. I knew I needed to suck it up and put on my fake it until I make it smile and show Bubba it’s okay to wander into a space with 100 strangers and be your lovely self. Even if you really don’t want to. Off we go …

do we have to go 1

A few things happened. After about 45 minutes Bubba wanted down to go and play. I was surprised as I thought she’d be on my hip the whole afternoon and evening. Did she go and sit with the girls? No, she ran straight into the middle of a little soccer game with a few of the boys and their dads … and dominated it. Then she took one of the soccer balls {there were many!} and hot footed it over the little fence, giggling. Oh dear, I had a flash of her little self 14 or so years from now sneaking off somewhere!!

She alternated playing soccer with the boys, playing soccer with me and happily running lengths of the play area.

Then came time for some food. We were at a bowling club and we’re vegetarian. I wasn’t hold out too much hope, but when my meal came I was pleasantly surprised. The children were fed first. I don’t think Love Bug could quite believe her luck when there were chips and sauce. What is sauce? I don’t think she’s ever had it. Definitely not while she’s been with me. She made up for it. Double dipping every chip. Twice. Somehow she’d managed to get herself a second little tub of sauce. We’ll be having lots of fruit and vegetables today!

do we have to go 2

It was interesting to watch their interactions. A couple of the little boys were obviously quite enamoured with our little love. One of their mummas came over to introducer herself to me, and introduce her son. Apparently he talks about Love Bug quite a lot. For the next little while they were dancing around near me. Bubba decided it was time to do something else, but this little boy just kept dancing near her and running circles around her. I wish I could show you a photo, they were very cute, but this blurry image is all I can offer. You can use your imagination!

do we have to go 3

In the car on the way home she was exhausted but happy and sang the whole way. She went to bed a lot later than usual and took a while to fall asleep, but there was no doubt she’d had a great afternoon. I had a good time too – basking in her happiness.

Today we’re off to another social situation where we know no-one … I must have missed the memo, but this seems to be Step Outside Your Comfort Zone weekend. Hope you’re having fun.

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  1. So much fun! You’re in each other’s lives for a reason. She’s learning and teaching, and so are you. Well done!

  2. dogdaz says:

    With those eyes, you are going to need to start fending off all those young suitors. She is sure teaching you some lessons about getting out there.

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